There are many reasons you might not make the best decision. Everyone is different, so their reasons for making a particular decision may differ from yours.  In many cases, the primary influence over a decision that didn’t turn out too well for you is one of the 7 below.

7 Reasons Why People Make Bad Decisions

Let’s take a look at 7 of the most common reasons why people make bad decisions in all aspects of life.

1 – Fear of Change

Some people are so fearful of change they will make what they know is a bad decision. Remember that change is inevitable. Instead of being fearful of it, be in control of change in your life by improving your decision making, rather than avoiding them.

2 – Fear of Failure

You are scared of failing, so you take the “safe” route. Thomas Edison had an amazing 1,500 patents to his name when he died. He often said that if he discovered the right way of doing something on the 100th try, he had not failed 99 times, he had only discovered 99 ways that a thing would not work. Failures lead to successes. Embrace them.

3 – Not Enough Information

Sometimes we rush our decisions. We make a decision quickly, without gathering enough information. Sometimes you have to make snap decisions, but not always. If at all possible, take the time to gather all the relevant information or knowledge that helps you make the best possible decision.

4 – Listening to The Wrong People

You probably know that you shouldn’t act on a “hot stock tip” just because your neighbor says his boss’ sister has a friend that overheard a stockbroker make a recommendation. Stop making decisions based on listening to the wrong people. Only take advice from those people who have reached a level of success or achievement related to the decision you are going to make.

People make bad decisions for fear of change
People make bad decisions for fear of change

5 – Making Emotion-Based Decisions

Being cold and calculated makes for smart decisions. Get all of the information, figure all possible outcomes, look at the situation objectively, and make a “cold” decision not based on emotion. Your heart can heat up your emotional bias, and lead to a bad decision.

6 – Jumping on the Bandwagon

Don’t make a decision to take some action just because everybody else is doing it. Be your own person. Make your own decisions. It may turn out that you choose the same as everyone else, but you shouldn’t make a choice just because the majority of people do so.

7 – Having a Closed Mind

An open mind sees all possibilities. A closed mind is limited by personal bias and emotional influence. The greatest achievements in human history happened because an individual had an open mind to a new solution, when the rest of the world refused to believe in a better way.

What to Do When You’re Wrong & How to Avoid Regret

Maybe you will blow the biggest decision you have to make in your entire life. Even so, you have to move on. If you let indecisiveness or past failures dictate all your future actions, life will probably be tough for you. This is because regret does nothing positive for you, now or in the future.

Stop regretting decisions you did make. The only time regret might make sense is if you regret something you did not do. When you make a decision, you take action. That is something you are doing. How can you regret something you decided, when the future is not known to anyone?

With all of the information available to you in the world, you may make a decision which unfolds in the future in some way that is negative in your life. Since you cannot predict the future, you shouldn’t regret decisions you make which may influence the future.

Discipline leads to smart decisions. Discipline can be tough, since it often times means putting in the work when you would rather be doing something else. However, smart, disciplined choices create your existence. So, what would you choose, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret? Discipline yourself to confidently make decisions, even when you know they are not always going to turn out for the best. Learn from that decision if it turns out good or bad, and then put it aside. If you regret your previous decisions you probably also have a fear of the future, and this can negatively impact your ability to make the right choices in any area of your life.

It’s better to look forward and prepare yourself for making smart decisions, than to look back on your life in regret.


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