These 9 essential morning and evening success rituals are all you need to start and end each day the best possible way. You need to maximize your productivity and keep focus day in and day out on your success goals. Some of these rituals will be perfect for your, others not so much, but you need to adapt and improve each ritual to your own situation.

Don’t take much time thinking about each of the rituals and if these rituals are good or not for you, go with your guts and put something in place, create a list of morning and evening rituals and start completing all of them each day and night. Don’t be afraid to be wrong, doesn’t have to be perfect right away, you just need a starting point, a baseline for your rituals. Next month, review each and take out the morning rituals or the evening rituals not working for you.

Let’s start with a list of morning success rituals.

6 Essential Morning Success Rituals

Smiling is a powerful morning ritual
Smiling is a powerful morning ritual

Morning rituals are the best way to start a new day. Each morning habit is crafted to get you closer to your goals, focus on the day ahead, and start being productive from the first rays of light. There are many rituals in this website, some morning rituals, some evening rituals, some business rituals, some empowering rituals, so make sure to pick from the best ones and adapt those to your daily activities. Make sure rituals along the day are empowering you to get you closed to your goals.

1. Smile

Your first exercise routine should be a smile. A smile is free. It is the best cosmetic surgery, and it will help to relax you. Try smiling right now, and see if you do not feel an instant peace in your heart. Smiling changes your attitude towards every event, activity and person you will meet today. Smiling often is a great all-day habit to have and is the first clue that gives away a positive person, and who doesn’t want to be associated with a positive person.

2. Show Gratitude

After you smile, then you should show gratitude to the world around you for the ability to experience a new day.  Through meditation, you will hear your inner voice more distinctly. You will have the opportunity to search your soul, and discover your most profound desires. Sometimes, if you listen keenly, you will begin to understand exactly what your path should be. Smiling and gratitude are 2 essential all day habits or rituals that gives you a new attitude in life.

3. Drink More Water

Drink some water at least a liter to hydrate your body. Water helps with circulation, improves your skin tone, assists with weight loss, and the purification of your body. Water is the best drink to have. It is imperative that you always consult your physician about things that will affect how your body functions, before attempting to do them. One small advice, try to eat natural spring water, not filtered water. There is a reason our ancestors drink water from rivers in nature, this water contains the right amount of minerals and pH levels to keep balance in your body.

4. Positive Affirmation

Think Positive
Think Positive

You need positive affirmation. Motivational audios or books are a great source of motivation. After you meditate, then, you can listen or read from something from your favorite motivator. Positive affirmation is a must among your daily routine, and you have to learn to be your greatest source of inspiration. This will help to block all the negative voices, which will tell you that you do not have the ability to achieve.

Feeding your mind with positive food sets the tone for you to improve your knowledge. Take some time in the morning to read. Most of the knowledge you will acquire in life will come from your experiences and what you teach yourself.

5. Exercise

Next, you engage in some vigorous exercise. Go for a long walk or a run. Do some stretches or yoga. Get physically active.

By the time you have completed the above activities, you will feel fully rejuvenated, and ready to face the new day.  You can start with your most challenging task, and then work your way through the others. How you end your day can impact how your day starts. Therefore, aim to end your day on a good note.

Your body needs time to unwind from the wear and tear of the work day. Take some time to relax in the evenings.  Designate time for your family. Never neglect the one’s you love in your pursuit of wealth.  It will be very lonely at the top of the ladder success if you do not have anyone to share your success with.

6. Plan for Tomorrow

Make plans for the next day. Prioritize your task. Make a list of those that are critical to least important. Assess your day if you had accomplished your entire task, and if you had not, what prevented you from achieving that task. If it is possible, you should exercise in the evenings too.

Say goodbye to the world of work with whatever relaxation techniques you have and settle in for a healthy prosperous future.

3 Essential Evening Success Rituals

Empowering Questions is an essential evening ritual
Empowering Questions is an essential evening ritual

Now I will share with you the evening success rituals for going to bed every night feeling fulfilled with a big smile on your face! These rituals are the follow-up to your morning rituals to reflect and celebrate after your day’s activities.

While morning rituals are highly encouraged to be incorporated into everyone’s daily routine, the evening rituals are equally as important to get the most out of your day. After all, there is no point to start off a race full of energy but no idea how to end it.

So, I don’t want you to miss this crucial part to inspire your success and celebrate it. You may be consistently crushing your goals one after another, but unless you take the time to celebrate every victory in your life, then you’re definitely not getting the most out of your day and missing out on a lot of magic moments and sense of fulfillment that you should be experiencing at this moment.

Here are the Evening Success Rituals that I highly recommend incorporating into your evening routine:

1. Empowering Evening Questions

At the beginning of the Evening Success Rituals, the main focus is to reflect about your day. And the best way to reflect is to ask powerful questions, not just any other questions that beat yourself up. I called these powerful questions “Empowering Evening Questions“, designed to help you reflect on your entire day and come up with constructive ideas to shape a better tomorrow.

The first thing you should do is to find a quiet place, where you won’t be easily disturbed and distracted for a set amount of time in order to go deep in your daily reflection.

The questions you ask determine what you focus on. That’s the reason why the type of questions you ask yourself is extremely important. Ask a lousy question, and you will feel lousy; Ask a good question, and you will feel amazing!

For example, how you feel about “Today” is ultimately based on the Good or Bad you focused on.

Let me ask you this… What were the things that happened today that you can feel good about?

I’d bet you can come up with a long list of things! It could be the fact that you’re alive, or you went for a walk, or you had a wonderful time with your loved ones, or you had done a good deed, had an amazing dinner, crossed off ONE stuff on your to-do list… Whatever it is, you can always find something to be feel good about every single day.

Now let me ask you again… What were the things that happened today that you feel awful about?

Again, I’d bet you can list out a lot of things. It could be that you procrastinated on your tasks, ate some nasty junk food, failed to pick up that call, skipped the gym, said some awful things to people you care for, and so on… Ultimately, how’d you feel after answering this question? Of course, AWFUL!

The fact is, there is always Good and Bad in each day, and what you ask yourself decides what you’ll focus on each night before hitting the sack. What you focus on determine how you feel about that particular day.

Since there is always Good and Bad, why not be proactive and decide that you only want to acknowledge the Good that happened that day? Since you can decide how you’re going to feel at the end of the day, why not choose to feel good instead of bad?

Guess what happens if you constantly ask yourself Empowering Evening Questions? Every day will be an awesome day for you and you’ll always feel like a Rockstar! Now, think of the level of accomplishments, productivity, and fulfillment you’ll experience every day… I’ll let you know about mine – Phenomenal! In fact, there is no such thing as a bad day.

It all starts with your focus, and these Empowering Evening Questions will help you to do just that.

And here’s a list of questions that I ask myself every evening:

  • What was fantastic about today?
  • What did I learn today?
  • What am I grateful for today?
  • What was my biggest accomplishment for today?
  • What would make today great?

Don’t just write down all your answers, try to FEEL the emotions and energy coursing through your veins as you read out your answers out loud.

Do this with level 10 intensity – move, gesture and smile widely as you answer them. Allow yourself to feel proud, excited, happy, loved, appreciated, etc… Trust me, you’ll be amazed by what this simple exercise can do to your physical and emotional well-being. The more emotional intensity you put into this exercise, the more juice you’ll get from the Empowering Evening Questions exercise.

2. Seizing Your Magic Moments

A life worth living is a life worth recording. – Jim Rohn

After you’ve gone through the Empowering Evening Questions exercise, you’ll be in an incredible state. But you don’t want to stop right there. You should take this opportunity to seize these emotions and feelings by journaling all your successes, accomplishments and magic moments. Otherwise, they’d be forgotten.

So take out a journal and write down everything that happened on that day. List down everything that you had done and all the powerful moments that you want to remember later on.

Time passes by so fast and we easily forget to really take in and appreciate the little things. At the end of your life, you won’t be able to remember everything, but only certain moments. I want to encourage you to take your time and capture all your successes and magic moments into your journal.

One day, when you’re feeling down and see no hope in life, you have a journal to go back to and remind yourself of all the magic moments that you once had and realize that your life is actually more incredible than you think. By journaling your magic moments, you’ll be aware of what you were doing with your time and celebrate your victory.

3. Celebrate

Last but not least, CELEBRATE! Celebrate your day to your heart content, you deserve it! This is a powerful way to positively reinforce yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up for things you didn’t do, tasks you procrastinated, food you shouldn’t eat, etc… Because that’s what most people do, which prompts them to feel awful and guilty about themselves.

To make things worse, they repeat this process every day and they end up in a downward spiral that sets themselves up for more failures. Why bring so much pain in your life when there are so many Good that happens every day? Why not start recognizing and celebrating all the Good that happened that day?

What gets rewarded, gets repeated.

When you celebrate your victory often, you’ll invite more amazing things into your life. And soon, you’ll be conditioned to notice the Good in every little thing that happens in your life. And soon, you’ll develop powerful habits such as gratitude, consistency, tenacity, and self-discipline.

So how do you celebrate?

You really don’t have to complicate things. Celebrating means giving yourself pleasure. It could be as simple as patting yourself on the back and say to yourself ‘Good Job!’, treat yourself a whole-hearty meal, giving thanks, listening to your favorite music, or meditating with gratitude.

The key is to give yourself pleasure. Often times, we wait for others to praise, acknowledge, and reward us in order to feel happy, appreciated, and fulfilled.

Why not be proactive and reward yourself when you can choose to be happy right now?


Do not give up on your dreams. It might take time for you to achieve your goals, but with the power that is embedded in your mind, you can conquer the world one day at a time. Never let procrastination cripple your progress. Do not let failure deter you; learn whatever lesson that comes with failing, then restart your journey.

The more you use your skills you will discover other hidden treasures of ability that were buried in you. I can guarantee that you will be astonished at the things that you can do. Your talent can take you to places you have not even started imagine about. The hard work and the sacrifices you make to attain success will be worth it. In fact, when you start your journey to success, each challenge you overcome will become a distant memory because the rewards will outweigh the struggles.

Remember success is a lifestyle, one that a taste of it is very addictive. You can have your taste of success too. I might not know your name or where you are from. I might not know what you have been through or what you are going through now. However, I know that you have something within you, something that sets you apart from the rest of the individuals in your line of work. You need to find that part of your skill because it is your key to the door of success.  No one in the world can do it for you, this is something you have to do on your own.

I believe the fact that you are reading these articles is because that key, which is a part of your skill, has been nudging you. It is telling you that you can do this, you have what it takes. Do not be afraid. All it takes are some small steps, and the small steps will one day be a very long journey, a journey of no regrets because you tried and had achieved.

Everything in life is a choice; the only thing we do not have a choice about is when we will die.

If you have created doubt within yourself at this moment, thinking that you do not have the money to invest in your plans, then money is not hindering you from achieving your goals, only you are preventing yourself from progressing. Watch your inner thoughts; they will influence what you do. Speak positive words to yourself every day. You will have many options, but never choose to quit, no matter how bad things get.

Work on you, self-education is a powerful tool. Utilize technology. Make some connection with people, who are successful in your field, sell them your plans. Describe your goals with such passion that they have to listen to you.

Prepare yourself for the “No’s,” it is just a part of your learning experience on your journey. Do not get mad at those who will reject your plans. You cannot blame them for not understanding the greatness that lies within you. Most of the individuals who will tell you, “No” now, will one day plead with you to join their team.

Keep a firm hold on your spirituality; it can ground you, bring you clarity, and motivate you to understand your inner self. Finding your place in the universe and with spirituality does not need to be religious based. Spirituality is a state of conscious that enables you to specify your desires and future with a clear mind and relaxed body.

I believe you will take your first small step to success, by conquering your fear and misery because you are going to build your own success rituals as soon as you finish reading this article.


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