Discover how to boost your self-esteem with gratitude for your best moments. Rather than comparing yourself to others, you will take the time to plan gratitude experiences that will make you feel better about yourself.

Think back to the happiest times of your life. You probably had a very positive self-image. Life was good, and you unconsciously believed that you deserved the goodness in your life. The relationship works the other way around as well. If you want to improve your life, improve your self-image. Being grateful and thankful for all of the blessings you have makes you feel good about yourself.

You realize that there are so many reasons to be grateful, and your self-esteem is elevated. When you feel good about yourself and happy with who you are, you will find that this attitude also raises how you view your own life and the world around you. Expressing gratitude regularly boosts your self-esteem, which in turn improves your quality of living.

How to Improve your Lifestyle by Practicing Gratitude

One way to ensure that you constantly practice the tips to express gratitude for what you have is to keep a thankfulness journal. A study carried out in 2003 showed that the research subjects that kept a gratitude journal dramatically enhanced their lives both mentally and physically in many ways.

The men and women who kept a journal and daily used it to record lessons of gratitude…

“… exercised more regularly, reported fewer physical symptoms, felt better about their lives as a whole, and were more optimistic. It also showed that people who kept the journal were more likely to make progress towards their goals. Overall, there was a greater sense of feeling connected to others, a more optimistic view towards life and better sleep quality.”

The findings are the same in any number of similar experiments on gratitude. It is easy to tell yourself you will be more thankful every day. Life gets busy though. You may not remember to be grateful for each and every experience throughout the day.

When you keep a gratitude journal and record your thoughts in the morning, at midday and at night before you go to bed, in just a few days you can see a wealth of things you are grateful for.

Boost your self-esteem with gratitude and discover how to be happy with yourself
Boost your self-esteem with gratitude and discover how to be happy with yourself

Boost your Self-Esteem with Gratitude

This is a really simple way to instantly boost your self-esteem and become grateful for who you are, rather than comparing yourself to others. You can actually plan experiences ahead of time that you know you will be grateful for.

  • For instance, if you absolutely love reading and are consciously grateful for the ability to read, and the experience it gives you, plan for some reading time every day. Reading your favorite author for an hour before bedtime and scheduling that activity sets you up for gratitude and happiness. You could also …
  • If you have a list of essential morning and evening success rituals, then completing one or more will make you feel good about yourself and grateful to keep the focus to thrive.
  • Complement your friends and family members on something they are good at. This makes you grateful and boosts your self-esteem for having that person in your life.
  • Draw up a realistic budget and stick to it. When you begin to see yourself saving money when you had not before, you will be thankful you decided to budget your finances.
  • Schedule quality time with your children doing something they enjoy. There is nothing to be more grateful for than the smile of a child.
  • Embrace the items on your to do list that you used to despise. Every time you accomplish a task or activity which you really don’t enjoy moves you closer to being able to spend time on the things you relish.
  • Volunteer time with the elderly and infirm. They will be ever grateful for your help, and you become grateful for your own health and independence.

You Are Blessed

Sometimes we look to others to “rank” ourselves.  And in many ways, this gives us a wake-up call that reminds us we are truly blessed in so many ways. For instance, did you know …

  • 783 million people (1 in every 9) do not have access to clean and safe water worldwide. (The Water Project)
  • Half of the people in the world live on less than $2.50 a day. 8 out of 10 live on less than $10 a day. (Global Issues website)
  • 795 million people do not have enough to eat. (
  • As of 2010, 1.2 billion people were living without electricity. (The World Bank)
  • The United Nations reported in 2005 (the last time a global homeless survey was attempted), that approximately 100 million people were homeless worldwide, and as many as 1.6 billion (1 in every 4 people) lacked adequate housing. (United Nations)

It is those types of statistics that can slap you in the face and make you realize just how good you have it.Be grateful about the things that you have and thrive to make this world a better place to live for all of us, donate your time or money to the causes you loved the most.

When you see that you are probably better off than most people on the planet, it is easy to practice the gratitude tips mentioned earlier. Most of the time though, it is not a great idea to compare yourself to others.


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