Evening success rituals are as important as the morning success rituals. Maybe even more, in my opinion what you do when you are completely tired defines your success path more than what you do after a restful night. It doesn’t mean you should follow one over the other, the truth is that highly effective people follow regular morning and evening rituals that result in a success path.

Evening Success Rituals of 5 Highly Successful individuals

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective evening success rituals:

1.       Bill Gates (CEO, Microsoft)

Bill Gates, dubbed the richest man in the world according to Forbes Billionaires list. He reads for an hour almost every night before going to bed, no matter how late he gets home. One of the topics that have consistently sustained his reading habit is business related issues, which Bill Gates uses to assess changes in the market (no surprise there right). He also read about politics and healthcare.

2.       Joel Gascoigne (CEO, Buffer)

Walking for twenty minutes every evening. During his walk, Joel Gascoigne assesses his work day, analyses his greatest challenges, and then, he will slowly stop thinking about work when the shadow of tiredness takes over his body.

3.       Arianna Huffington (Founder, Huffington Post)

At nights Arianna Huffington disconnects from the world of technology by turning off all her electronic devices. Then, she dissolves the stress from her work day by taking a hot bath. Arianna Huffington pulls the shutters on her day wearing her pajamas while she reads a physical book.

4.       Sheryl Sandberg (Chief Operating Officer, Facebook)

Before retrieving for a good night sleep, Sheryl Sandberg shuts down her smartphone, even though is really painful for her. Sheryl and Arianna are a couple of successful women who recommend above all things, to keep all electronics outside the sanctity of the bedroom.

5.       Kenneth Chenault (CEO, American Express)

Kenneth Chenault gets a head start to his days by setting goals for three things he wants to achieve every night before he goes to bed.

6.       Oprah Winfrey (Business Woman and Media Mogul)

Oprah Winfrey ends her days just as how she starts them. She meditates twice per day, once in the mornings, and once in the evenings.

Most Popular Evening Habits

Reading a book is one of the best evening success rituals.
Reading a book is one of the best evening success rituals.

Some of the most popular evening habits between highly successful people are reading a book (educating yourself and acquiring knowledge is extremely important), unplugging from social media, smartphones, laptops and any electronic device (at that time of the day these updates are just distractions), spend quality time with family members (perfect time to reach to your loved ones and share stories without any rush), working out and exercising (could be yoga, Zumba, weight lifting or even stretching, all these movement resets your body and expels all toxins accumulated during a stressful day), and meditation (there is no better way to connect too yourself than meditating before going to sleep, helps to relax your body and get ready for a good night sleep).

You can also choose to prepare for tomorrow. Review your appointments and send emails or set your schedule for the next day. Review your daily goals and reset the ones requiring attention. Write your to-do list or your personal goals for tomorrow.


The commonality among these successful women and men’s evening rituals is to relax, analyze business decisions, read and meditate, in general, let the stress from a day full of activities wash away. Like I said before, find the perfect combination between morning and evening success rituals that works for you and your goals. It might be hard in the beginning as we are always lacking time, but try it for at least 30 days and it will become a habit that will empower you.


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