Are you wondering if Success Rituals are real? Well, this is what this article will clarify for you. While creating effective success rituals was the first step, is time to get a better idea about what these habits are all about. I will be sharing with you the rituals of highly successful individuals and how it will help you get ahead of the regular folks in life. Take a look at the morning (in this article), evening, and business rituals of some highly successful individuals and copy, improve, adapt and evolve these morning habits to fit your particular situation.

Morning Rituals of Eleven Highly Successful Individuals

1.       Mark Zuckerberg (Co-founder and CEO of Facebook)

I am wondering have you noticed that the man who has his name enlisted on almost all the billionaire list that you can grace your eyes on seems to only have gray T-shirts. These gray T-shirts are not a uniform for his company.

The wearing of only gray T-shirts by Mark Zuckerberg is a deliberate act. This is his way of saving time in the mornings. Even after he is sometimes up all nights having a discussion with an employee, you can still find Mark Zuckerberg up by the clock strikes six in the morning.

Without out having to worry what clothing to wear for the day Mark Zuckerberg grabs his outfit which is usually his gray T-shirt and then he is off to work at his office early in the morning.

2.       Padmasree Warrior (CEO NextEV, U.S.)

A true warrior of time and rising early in the mornings to complete most of her tasks is Padmasree Warrior. While the night shadows cover the land, and with the twinkling of the stars which probably reminds her that she is among the most successful women; at 4:30 in the mornings Padmasree Warrior is up and working.

Padmasree Warrior starts the day by going through her emails for approximately an hour. Then, she ensures she is kept informed about current affairs by reading the newspaper. After her reading of the papers, then, it is time to ensure she remains fit and healthy, so she exercises.

After her daily morning rituals, she is in her office by 8:30 in the mornings, ready to take on the challenges of a new work day.

3.       Tim Cook (CEO, Apple)

Tim Cook not only enjoys his race of being up before the sun, but he is very proud of the fact that he is the first one to be at his company in the mornings and the last one to leave during the evenings. You can check for an email from Tim Cook as early as 3:45 in the morning; because that is when he gets up, and has become known for sending company emails at that time in the mornings. Tim Cook is one who ensures that he maintains his health; therefore, you can find him in the gym by five in the mornings.

4.       Jack Dorsey (Co-founder, Twitter)

Tweet, tweet might be some of the twittering that Jack Dorsey hears at 5:30 in the morning when he is taking his six-miles jog. Jack Dorsey also takes some time to meditate before he leaves for his run in the mornings.

5.       Jack Ma (Founder, Alibaba Group)

As precious and swift as the wind is the commodity time. We cannot preserve time, and once past, we can either give thanks that we had used our time productively or live with the regrets of what we never used our time to accomplish. Knowing how precious time and his family are Jack Ma is up by the latest seven in the mornings. Jack Ma uses half an hour to complete any particular task, and then he ensures he spends some quality time with his family.

6.       Kara Goldin (Founder & CEO, Hint Water)

It is time to take a hint. Most highly successful individuals are hitting the work button before the day is dawn, and Kara Goldin is among those who are doing so. Kara Golding day begins at 5:30 in the mornings.

She peruses through her work calendar ensuring that she has no exigent meetings, and then she responds to emails. By 7:15, Kara Golding starts making her business calls, but not before she saturates her taste buds with a double latte, and she goes hiking with her husband.

7.       David Cush (CEO, Virgin America)

Crunch time is at 4:15 in the mornings for David Cush. His fingers get busy to dial his associates’ numbers who are on the East Coast, but not before he took some time to send his emails. Next, David Cush tunes his ears to Dallas Sports Radio, while his eyes are kept busy reading the newspaper. Then, he is off to the gym to ensure he keeps himself fit.

8.       Dan Lee (Director, NextDesk)

It is time for a standing ovation because Dan Lee is up by the clock strikes 3:30 in the mornings. Dan Lee ensures that he is completely hydrated by drinking two liters of water, then, he also consumes two cups of coffee, and smooth things off with a smoothie.

After Dan Lee hydrates his body, the next ninety minutes, he shares with his dog and reading. He reads for one hour and spends half an hour with his dog. Clearing his pours through perspiration, you can find Dan Lee in the gym from 5:15 – 6:15 in the mornings.  When the clock ticks its way to 7:15 in the mornings, Dan Lee is already in his office, prepared to tackle the challenges of a new work day.

9.       Sallie Krawcheck (Co-founder, CEO Ellevest)

It is the romancing of the mind with the lights dimmed or sometimes she seeks warmth from the fireplace, along with a hot cup of coffee and Sallie Krawcheck is ready to start her day at four in the mornings. While the lights might be dimmed in her home at four in the mornings Sallie Krawcheck is shining bright with ideas; because that is when her creative flair comes to light best.

10.   Indra Nooyi (CEO, PepsiCo)

Popping as early as four in the morning, is, Indra Nooyi. Her first task is ensuring that her plans are organized for the new day. Indra Nooyi is usually buzzing in her office by seven in the mornings.

11.   Richard Branson (Founder & Chairman, Virgin Group)

He is certainly no virgin when it comes on to rising early. Not even the comfort of his private island can prevent him from pulling his curtains at 5:45 in the mornings to watch the rising of the sun. With a fantastic view of the rising sun, which comes with the opportunity to enjoy his fortune for another day, Richard Branson maintains his health by exercising and having a healthy breakfast. Then, he is off to work to ensure that he keeps making his billions.

Rising early is the most common morning success rituals among highly effective people.
Rising early is the most common morning success rituals among highly effective people.


Does one trait jump to mind after reading these 11 highly effective people? Early risers who before thinking about work start their day thinking and satisfying their own needs first. It could be reading, exercising, walking, or enjoying time with the family, all these activities take precedence over daily business stress activities. Start the day taking care of yourself to be ready to take care of your daily tasks.


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